Collective Intelligence, Technology, Media

The course material on symbolism and our ability to manipulate symbolic codes and translate it to conscious phenomena can be connected to technology, I learned from class how “… it is powered by the human linguistic ability.” Our access to technology is used as a tool to manipulate the signified (phenomena) part of symbols. Here we see a pattern because when there is media development, humans can evolve their linguistic ability by manipulating the signified through innovative forms of the signifier. Then, the “augmentation of the linguistic ability leads to technical development,” and finally the technological improvement lead to media development and so forth. This all goes back to our ability to grasp symbols by manipulating and categorizing the signifier, which allows us to invent and build complex technology.

This cycle of events got me thinking about how far we have come in our ability to take symbols in our own hands, create mechanisms and integrate them into our environment. My three-year-old sister can use an iPad as well as I can, she can locate Netflix, pick out her favorite show (My Little Pony), pause it, and click on a game app. An infant can have access and use better technology compared to even just 60 years ago.

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